Be inspired. That’s the first step in any home remodel. That’s why Muse Studio helps you find and share inspiration more easily than ever.

Muse Studio makes collaborating with your clients easier than ever – for a more organized, more productive, more enjoyable process.

from vision to reality

Find and share home design inspiration, and connect with the people you need to bring your vision to life – entirely free.

find inspiration

Gather inspiration from anywhere on the web, and pin it with the click of a button.

share ideas

Invite friends and family to share ideas and collaborate on your project.

bring it to life

Find the perfect pro to help turn your vision into reality.

a simpler, more inspiring process

Streamline the process. Let your creativity shine. Create a more efficient dialogue with your partners so you can share inspiration, track progress, and watch your ideas come to life more seamlessly than ever.

collect ideas and inspiration

create your muse discussion board

watch your creativity come to life

Partners you can trust

Search our exclusive, curated network of talent – from high-end designers and remodelers to seasoned architects and builders. This vetted network gives you a faster, easier, and more reliable way to find the right professionals to bring your vision to life.

Why Muse?

  • Centralize project communication
  • Track tasks and budget allocations
  • Share files, ideas and inspiration
  • Connect to exclusive network of talent

More tools, better results

What if there was a way to communicate better, manage projects more efficiently and share ideas and inspiration with clients in ways that they respond to?

manage tasks

Organize to-do lists, track important communication and assign project tasks

share documents

Share important files with appropriate team members for more streamlined communication

track budgets

Set and manage budget allocations while tracking spending from start to completion

a better way to manage, track, collect and share

A valuable exchange between you and your clients where you can discuss ideas, track progress and see your designs come to life.

collect ideas and inspiration

create your muse discussion board

watch your creativity come to life

Join our curated network

Become a part of our exclusive network of talent. Here, homeowners can browse accomplished professionals for future projects and you can find seasoned specialists to complement your expert team.

Once you sign up, we ask you to submit some information about you and your project experience. This helps us determine your eligibility to join our curated network of professionals.